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Guide to medical insurance in South Dakota. Image source.

Living in Mount Rushmore State, you need health insurance. In 2012, the state was ranked as the 27th healthiest state, which isn’t bad, but isn’t that great either. There were some notable accomplishments that should be celebrated. In the past five years, the number of preventable hospitalizations dropped by 16 percent. That’s pretty impressive and one way to keep that number going is to make sure everyone has health insurance.

Preventable illnesses are widespread in the United State due to people’s lifestyle choices and behavior. While residents of South Dakota rarely take a sick day, health insurance is vital to making sure you stay healthy. When you have coverage, you’re much more likely to visit the doctor. Otherwise, it’s an expense that you might not be able to afford. Don’t let the cost of insurance keep you from purchasing a policy.

South Dakota Health Insurance Quotes and Facts

The risk of getting into an accident while being uninsured is to great. Medical expenses can quickly add up and has even led to bankruptcy for some. When you work with a professional insurance agent, it’s easier to find affordable healthcare coverage. Even if you’re already covered, it’s worth the effort to get a quote. You may not need as much insurance as you think. Or, you could raise your deductible, which would also save you money. The bottom line is: purchase health insurance coverage to stay healthy.

South Dakota Medical Insurance Statistics

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Facts and figures for medical insurance in South Dakota

It’s important to understand how your state responds to healthcare needs, because it directly affects you. Federal acts like the Affordable Care Act set a standard, but South Dakota is responsible for implementing the state health exchange and monitoring the number of uninsured residents. Here are some interesting statistics that give you an idea of how well South Dakota’s health insurance programs are faring.

Consider the following statistics about health care coverage in South Dakota:

  • Total South Dakota Residents – 789,751
  • South Dakota uninsured residents – 11.39%
  • Total South Dakota HMO enrollment – 79,870
  • Average annual employee premium in South Dakota employer-sponsored plan (after employer contribution): $887
  • Average South Dakota hospital cost per inpatient day (before insurance) – $869

Source data according to the Kaiser Family Foundation:

  • Health Insurance Coverage of the Total Population, states (2007-2008), U.S. (2008)
  • Total HMO Enrollment, July 2008
  • Average Single Premium per Enrolled Employee For Employer-Based Health Insurance, 2008
  • Hospital Adjusted Expenses per Inpatient Day, 2007

South Dakota state government health insurance resources

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Official South Dakota health insurance information
  • South Dakota Medical Services: This division of the South Dakota Department of Social Services assists families with Medicaid and the Medical Electronic Data Exchange.
  • South Dakota Children’s Health Insurance Program: This is a federal program operated at the state level for children whose parents are considered low income but make just enough money so they don’t meet the standard for Medicaid.
  • South Dakota Division of Insurance: This website aims to provide assistance and regulation for the insurance industry, as well as consumer assistance. Contact Merle Scheiber, Director at: South Dakota Division of Insurance, 445 East Capitol Avenue, Pierre, SD 57501. Phone: 605-773-3563. Fax: 605-773-5369.
  • South Dakota Health Insurance Exchange: Up to date news regarding the state health insurance process.

The Cost of a South Dakota Health Insurance Quote

While the cost of a South Dakota health insurance quote may be reasonable, many find that the actual cost of health insurance can be staggering. If you think health insurance is too expensive, you aren’t alone. Thousands of South Dakota residents opt to remain uninsured every year, but this is a dangerous choice. Even if you’re healthy, an accident can happen at any time.

Insurance is also helpful for pinpointing conditions that can turn more serious years down the road. If you don’t have health insurance, you may put off going to see a dermatologist about an odd shaped mole because you can’t afford it. Ten years later, when you learn that it’s turned into full blown cancer and you still don’t have insurance, you stand to lose all your personal financial assets just paying to treat cancer. Health insurance premiums are much like eating healthy and exercising now. Doing it now will pay off dividends much longer down the road. Plus, if you’re healthy, you may have lower insurance costs.

The Affordable Care Act did make it illegal for insurance companies to charge higher premiums or deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions. Finding affordable insurance is possible; it’s just about looking in the right places. Start with a South Dakota health insurance quote to save money today.