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Obamainsurance – Health insurance made simple?
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After the first draft of President Obama’s health care application has been gunned down because of its length, the government made an overhaul to its application form and it now consists of three pages worth for a single applicant. The number of pages for those applying as family has been considerably marked down as well making it a whole lot easier to understand and fill up by families with three members or more.

In the later part of the year, those who will be applying for health insurance will be able to do so online where they can easily compare policies and prices. There are also subsidies available that can be directed to the cost of the plan of choice. Those who will be eligible for assistance are those who earn less than the federal poverty level or a family of four who earns about $92,000 per year.

Before the Overhaul – How Difficult Was It to Apply for Obama’s Health Care Insurance

Before the overhaul, applying for Obama’s health care insurance was a daunting task. A 15 page application form needs to be filled up by a single applicant while 21 pages await those with families. Afterwards, there are three federal agencies that will go through your application form to check for your citizenship, income, and to verify your identity to determine whether you are qualified for the health insurance or not.

Once you’ve gotten through the screening the next step would be to determine which plan you will get. You should also learn more about the jargons used in health insurance to better understand your options. Everyone is required to have health insurance as mandated by the law at the beginning of next year. Most likely those who have health insurance already due to their work will keep it. What concerns most people are those that don’t have health insurance as of yet.

Applying for health care insurance online will be a tedious process and time consuming. Although you can save your work and come back once you have all the documents on hand, it will still take you about 45 minutes at least to complete the process. The good side of this is that once you’ve submitted your information, the government agencies that are tied up with the health insurance will automatically verify your information. However, if your income has varied over the year, you will need to do some extra work in your application. Again, it is time consuming.

Types of Health Insurance

There are different types of health insurance in the United States that can help people cover their medical expenses. Health insurance is simply the term used to refer to any insurance policy that protects its owner from the rising cost of medical treatment.

Health insurance in the United States is divided into two major groups and these are:

  • Public Health Coverage – Health insurance policies that are included here are Medicard, Medicaid, military health benefits, State Children’s Health Insurance Program and Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan. The State Children’s Health Insurance Program as well as Medicaid are for those who don’t have the means to pay for their insurance policy premiums.
  • Private Health Coverage – Those that are included in this coverage are association group health insurance, employer-sponsored health insurance, individual health insurance and medical insurance. There are employers that cover half of the health insurance premiums of their employees while some allow their former employees to enjoy the benefits of their insurance policies several months after they left their work.

There are other types of health insurance that are not medically related and these are long-term care insurance and disability income insurance.

Over the years, there has been a steady decline in numbers of people who owns health insurance in the United States. This is attributed to health insurance policies having insufficient coverage and the rising cost of insurance policies. Also, there is a growing number of unemployed individuals which has affected the health insurance industry. A greater percentage of the population are relying heavily on public health insurance due to unemployment. What’s more, it appears that public insurance has better coverage than that of private insurance.

Fortunately, reforms in the health insurance industry had been initiated by the Affordable Care Act of 2010 which will provide sufficient health insurance coverage to those who are not financially capable of acquiring one. This is an important move since it opens doors to those who do not have the capacity to pay premiums due to their financial status.

With the revamping of the recent health insurance application under President Obama’s term, there is a chance that everyone will be enjoying the benefits of health insurance. However, the price of the policies are still a matter of concern since it appears that they will be far costlier than before.