Happy couple feeling good and safe
Some things in life are taken for granted and missed only in their absence

Staying safe and healthy and to maintain a well balanced life is such a basic and self-evident condition for a happy, fulfilled and successful life that it should go without saying. There are few who can think about anything more catastrophic than losing their health or the well-being of a family member.

However, life teaches us there is: experiencing such difficulties, either minor or major, without appropriate health insurance. We all will face some kind of illness or injury at some point in life and its crucial to have a strong safety net then to get back on track fast and as comfortable as possible, without depleting our resources or endangering your financial future.

In the United States the majority of Americans enjoys some form of health insurance merely by being employed. But many Americans still are not properly insured, without taking individual action, just because they are students, self-employed, in between jobs, or their employers do not offer health insurance. Many others benefit from a group health insurance plan or even took the pro-active step of subscribing to an individual health insurance plan but still do not enjoy reasonably desirable coverage.

When it comes to medical coverage, appropriate coverage should include according to Jack Hungelmann at least five key elements:

  • A coverage limit that high, that it will protect you financially even in the most tragic and (or) expensive events
  • No restriction or limitation whatsoever on certain expense types
  • A deductible you can actually afford
  • Coverge all over the world
  • Freedom to see a specialist without a referral

Obviously a large amount of health insurance plans in the United States do not meet all five criteria. Getting a quote for medical insurance is a step in the right direction. HealthInsuranceQuotes.me makes this step fast and easy by connecting with multiple and major carriers from the US. But HealthInsuranceQuotes.me also intends to help US consumers to select a plan which will not cause them to experience financial hardship despite being insured or the need to chose anything that the best treatment in any kind of life or health threatening situation. We go also a step further: By providing free health insurance information and complementary health insurance advice, we aim to empower our readers to make better and independent decisions on their coverage.*

HealthInsuranceQuotes.me strives hard to prove that saving on health insurance plans and enjoying the best coverage are not mutual exclusive any more.

* Important note: Our writers have a proven track record in their field and their opinions  are according to our editorial policy backed up by both experience and clear references. However, all information should be taken as a complementary opinion and cannot by its very nature replace the personalized advice of a qualified specialist.