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Inhabitants of the Pine Tree state are lucky – Maine was ranked as the 9th healthiest state in 2012. Image: Flickr.

Those who live in The Pine Tree state are lucky to live in the one of the healthiest states in America. According to the United Health Foundation, Maine was ranked as the 9th healthiest state in 2012. While Maine enjoys certain aspects of healthcare such as having a low uninsured population and a low violent crime rate, there are things that they’re trying to work on as well.

Maine Health Insurance Quotes and Facts

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Your guide to health insurance in Maine

The state has a high rate of obesity, smokers and cancer deaths. All of those are very serious health issues and without health insurance, caring for any resulting illnesses can be very expensive. But, you don’t just need health insurance if you’re sick. Even healthy people need health insurance. While you may think that it’s an unnecessary cost, you won’t be able to avoid getting health insurance for long.

In 2014, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) makes it mandatory that everyone have health insurance or pay a fine. While the fine for the first year isn’t too bad, it will only increase each year. So where do you find reliable health insurance that won’t break the bank? It’s a good idea to start now by comparing policies and Maine health insurance quotes. You can use our quote comparison tool to get quotes for various policies available in your area.

Maine Medical Insurance Statistics

Examining certain statistics about Maine’s healthcare will help you understand some of the areas that require consideration when choosing a healthcare plan. Keep in mind that your personal situation is different from anyone else’s. That’s why choosing a healthcare plan that suits your needs is so important. A single healthy female may not need as much coverage as a young family. There are professional insurance agents who can help you find a Main health insurance plan and tailor it to your personal needs.

Consider the following statistics about health care coverage in Maine:

  • Total Maine Residents – 1,311,000
  • Maine uninsured residents – 10%
  • Total Maine HMO enrollment – 110,540
  • Average annual employee premium in Maine employer-sponsored plan (after employer contribution): $1,113
  • Average Maine hospital cost per inpatient day (before insurance) – $2,077

Source data according to the Kaiser Family Foundation:

  • Health Insurance Coverage of the Total Population, states (2007-2008), U.S. (2008)
  • Total HMO Enrollment, July 2008
  • Average Single Premium per Enrolled Employee For Employer-Based Health Insurance, 2008
  • Hospital Adjusted Expenses per Inpatient Day, 2010

Maine state government health insurance resources

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Official resources on Maine medical insurance
  • Maine Bureau of Insurance: This website acts as a resource for everything insurance. Keep up to date with new laws and rules and find helpful consumer information right here.
  • Maine Department of Health and Human Services: Health Insurance: This website provides multiple resources for everything concerning health insurance in the state including data and reports as well as departmental contacts.
  • A Consumer’s Guide to Individual Health Insurance: If you aren’t eligible for employer coverage, you may be forced to apply for individual health insurance. This guide will walk you through the details you need to know.
  • Dirigo Health Agency (DHA): This is the health program open to businesses with less than 50 employees who still want to offer health insurance.
  • MaineCare: If you can’t afford health insurance, this is one way that you can find affordable health insurance with the help of the state. You must be financially eligible to apply.

The Cost of a Maine Health Insurance Quote

Health insurance has been a prevalent issue in the news lately and a hot topic for debate. But, there’s one thing that doesn’t need to be debated and that’s whether or not you should have health insurance. You should absolutely have health insurance, but we understand that finding an individual or family policy on your own can be very expensive. That’s why we have such a high rate of uninsured individuals in our country right now.

Almost half of U.S. citizens get health insurance from an employer, but what about those that are self-employed or work for someone who can’t offer health insurance. Too often, people become stuck in jobs simply because they can’t get health insurance from somewhere else. Even with employer coverage, people are already feeling the burden of rising health insurance costs. Each year, employees are forced to foot more and more of their health insurance bill, causing many people to raise their deductibles and remove benefits to save money.

While this helps lower your health insurance bill, it’s not a good idea. You never know when you’ll need your health insurance plan and if you can’t pay your deductible, that’s even more debt you’ll have. Health insurance is a necessity, not a commodity. If you need an affordable Maine health insurance quote, use our quote comparison tool to get an affordable policy right in your area.