Words formed with dices: Health, care, costs
Health, care and costs – The three main subjects is going to tackle

2013 – Still less than 85% of Americans have some form of permanent health insurance. Or put differently: Up to 50 million of Americans do not enjoy any kind of coverage for medical expenses – at least for some time of the year. From those who are currently insured another estimated 45%-50% does not enjoy sufficient coverage, based on their very own assessment.

Then again, there were never that many options open to American citizens than today, to properly protect themselves financially in the case they need medical support and attention.

This is where kicks in:

  • Education: What health insurance options are available and which do cover your needs? A comprehensive guide on medical plans in the US and available add-ons explains the advantages and features of the most common health insurance policy options.  
  • Care: What is the right amount of coverage to assure you a new start in case you need it? Any medical insurance plan has its limits. What are these limits that actually offer you the optimal care in case you need it?
  • Cost comparison: Obtain multiple quotes from major and renown providers from all over the US. Compare, save, but do not trade off short-term savings for the coverage you need.

We worked hard to not be the next ‘yet another health insurance site’. We want more: While it’s easy to provide some quotes, we think we found a great partner, who provides a great quote service for easy comparison, yet we expect our readers to get also a clear idea for what they actually should be looking for when obtaining a quote. Be prepared for comprehensive guides, FAQ sessions and video responses to your questions.


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