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Health Insurance FAQ

Shopping for health insurance can be stressful.

Even if you’ve got group health insurance through an employer, you’re still required to pick a plan that works for your needs. But how are you supposed to know which plan is best?

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing a health insurance policy:

  • Do you have a pre-existing condition? If you need insurance right now, you may find that affordable healthcare is hard to come by. Currently, insurance companies can charge higher premiums and even deny coverage if you have a pre-existing condition. As 2014 approaches, that will become illegal, but make sure that your policy is ratified once the measures become official law.
  • Do you mind network healthcare? Some health insurance policies, like HMO and PPO plans, work within a network of healthcare providers. If you have a primary care physician that you want to keep, ask which insurance policies he or she works with. Additionally, some plans can be restricting on which providers are offered, while others are more flexible. If saving money is important, a network plan may work well. If having the flexibility to see any doctor you want is more important, a network plan may cost you more.
  • Do you want preventive care for free? In 2014, the majority of health insurance plans will incorporate preventive screenings like regular physicals as well as men and women’s yearly check-ups. Preventive maintenance is a key component to long term good health.
  • What’s your family dynamic? A single, healthy individual isn’t going to need the same health care plan as a family of four. Other things to consider include how often you visit the doctor and whether you have special healthcare needs.