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    International Health Insurance

    Because of globalization and low cost airline carriers, travelling or living as an expatriate in another country has never been cheaper. However, the cost of healthcare is steadily rising, even in faraway countries. This is the dilemma of the frequent traveler – being stuck in a foreign land, with debt[]
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    Health Insurance for Kids

    Health insurance is one of the types of insurance that is often overlooked because when someone is employed, they are likely to have one for themselves and for their dependents. However, it is an important type of insurance that can help a lot of people, especially children at their young[]
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    Obamainsurance – Health Insurance Made Simple?

    After the first draft of President Obama’s health care application has been gunned down because of its length, the government made an overhaul to its application form and it now consists of three pages worth for a single applicant. The number of pages for those applying as family has been[]
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    Medical Insurance Fraud In The US – Damages Of $54 billion A Year

    Medical insurance fraud happens more than you think. Just recently, Ohio legislators are warning residents that a new scam has been developed. Callers are claiming to be representatives of the government working with the new health insurance marketplaces.  They’re offering to help answer any questions and assist with the exchanges[]
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    Long Term Care Insurance – Benefits, Savings, Programs – Health Insurance 101

    As medical technology advances, we find new cures for old diseases and aging doesn't necessarily mean what it used to. The life expectancy of Americans has only increased but that means that people need some form of health insurance that will last them throughout the golden years. Upon reaching 65, an individual[]
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    Top 11 Health Insurance Questions – We got An FAQ

    As each year passes, it seems that the cost of everything goes up. Bread is higher, gas costs more, and people are trying to save money every way possible. But one area where you don’t want to skimp on coverage is health insurance. The premiums you pay can seem expensive[]
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    Health Care Law for Small Businesses Delayed

    The Obama administration will be delaying their health insurance program for small businesses because of their inability to meet their deadlines. This is a big blow to the small business industry especially when they are relying on Obamacare to be able to offer better health insurance plans to their employees[]
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    Challenges that Self-Employed Face When It Comes to Health Insurance

    Many people have been dreaming about becoming their own boss but there are obstacles to achieving this goal. One of the reasons why not everyone is interested in giving up their 9 to 5 job is health insurance. A lot of employees find it easier to get decent rates for[]
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    Cost for Health Care Insurance May Increase for Youngsters but Benefits Will Improve

    There are many experts who are worried that Obama’s Affordable Care Act will not be entirely accurate as the cost of health insurance may rise especially for youngsters who are in the peak of their health. Nowadays, the younger generation have easy access to insurance policies that are relatively inexpensive[]
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    Understanding Health Insurance

    Since most people are spending a lot of money on their medical needs, the need to find adequate health insurance has become a priority. Health insurance is basically a type of insurance that protects individuals from incurring medical expenses. Usually, insurance carriers that offer this type of insurance looks at[]
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    The Parts of Medicare Coverage Defined – Health Insurance 101

    Medicare coverage came into existence on the 30th of July 1965 when the then president, Lyndon b. Johnson made into a law in the United States. This program was designed to benefit citizens of the United States who were at the age of 65 and above. Nowadays, there have been[]
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    Understanding Medicare Insurance

    Just like any insurance programs offered by private insurance companies, when dealing with government issued insurance like Medicare, one needs to fulfill requirements before being eligible. These requirements vary depending on the Medicare plan that you intend to purchase. First of all, you need to be a citizen in the United States[]
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    Understanding COBRA Health Insurance

    If you’ve ever quit your job or gotten laid off, it’s likely that you receive some information in the mail about COBRA health insurance. You may or may not have paid much attention to it but it’s important to understand what your options are even when they seem very limited.[]
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    Gallup Poll Concludes – Not Having Health Insurance and Earlier Death Correlate

    A  Gallup poll conducted for 2012 set out to find just how many people were uninsured in each U.S. state. Many U.S. citizens are able to get health insurance through their employers but as the cost of healthcare has skyrocketed over the past decade, some employers have stopped offering coverage.[]
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    Health Insurance for Young Adults

    As a young adult, you’re in what some people (many of the older generation) refer to as the prime of your life. But when you’re sitting at home eating Ramen noodles and sick with the flu with no health insurance to speak, you’re situation can seem like anything but prime.[]
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    High Risk Health Insurance – Coverage, Options and Special State Programs

    Many people have insurance through their employer and those who don’t may or may not be able to find it through individual insurance companies. When you’re a healthy person, finding affordable health insurance is pretty easy. Insurance companies are willing to insure you for a reasonable price because they know[]
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    Health Insurance Deductibles

    When you first start looking for health insurance, there will be many different terms that you come across that seem hard to understand at first. You don’t normally use ‘health insurance deductible’ in your daily conversation so when you’re sitting in front of an insurance agent and they’re asking what[]
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    Health Insurance For Pregnant Women

    For many women, the day you find out you’re pregnant is one of the best days in your life if that’s what you've been trying for. For others, it can come as a surprise but that doesn't mean that after the shock wears off, you aren't happy about it. But for the mother that is pregnant[]
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    Health Insurance and Pre-Existing Conditions

    For anyone with a pre-existing condition, our health care system may seem backwards. Because of your condition, you probably need more healthcare than most people but currently, there’s a big chance that it will be very expensive for your or you get denied coverage altogether. This can be frustration and[]
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    Young Adults Can Stay on Parents’ Health Plans. But Should They?

    After President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in 2010, one of the first groups to benefit was young adults – persons up to age 26 who had been among the chronically uninsured. Under the new law, this group could now stay on their parents’ health insurance.[]
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    The Affordable Health Care Act: But What if I Don’t Want Insurance?

    Right now, there is no federal mandate that requires everybody have health insurance. While it’s highly recommend, it’s ultimately up to you. With the passage of the Affordable Health Care Act in 2010, all that is going to change though. The act basically states that everyone is required to have[]
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    Accountable Care Organizations and Changes in Healthcare

    Over the last few years, the healthcare industry and its current practices have been a hot bed of debate and dilemma. Changes have been taking place since President Barack Obama took office and passed the Affordable Care Act in 2010. With the passage of this law, healthcare industries have been[]
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    Health, Care and Costs – Three Main Subjects for HealthInsuranceQuotes.me

    2013 - Still less than 85% of Americans have some form of permanent health insurance. Or put differently: Up to 50 million of Americans do not enjoy any kind of coverage for medical expenses - at least for some time of the year. From those who are currently insured another[]